• Luxury that's electric.

      The Fisker Karma.
    • Designed to change everything.

    • Responsible materials.

      A unique selection and leather curing process results in less waste and allows the hide’s natural markings to show through. The Karma’s EcoChic option, EcoSuede, is 100% animal-free and just as luxurious as the leather.

      command center.

      A clean, intuitive touch screen replaces the usual clutter of buttons, creating a smooth look and an even smoother experience.

      Reclaimed wood trim.

      All the wood inside the Karma comes from certified Fallen, Sunken or Rescued Wood, making each interior uniquely beautiful and sustainable.

      Surrounded by details.

      Driver, navigator or passenger, the details inside the Karma will amaze you. Its lines flow through the cabin, creating a sense of motion, even at a dead stop. The colors, textures and materials—carefully resourced from responsible suppliers—are all inspired by the timeless beauty found in nature. Once you get in, it’s quite possible you’ll never want to get out.

    • One rescued tree =
      5000 interiors.

      The natural markings, grains and variations in color are part of the Karma’s unique interior trim, making each car a one-of-a-kind tribute to sustainability.

      Sunken White Oak
      Certified Sunken Wood™ retrieved from the bottom of Lake Michigan.

      Deep Sunken White Oak
      Certified Sunken Wood™ retrieved from the bottom of Lake Michigan.

      Fallen Mahogany
      Certified Fallen Wood™ sourced from trees felled by California storms.

      Rescued Walnut Burl
      Certified Rescued Wood™ from the 2007 wildfires in Orange County, California.

      Our wood isn’t perfect.
      That’s what makes it perfect.

      When we first approached our suppliers about sourcing wood from wildfires, storm debris and the bottom of lakes they thought we’d lost our senses. And maybe we had. Yet to us, it seemed more senseless to continue cutting down live trees when we could give so many a new life within the Karma’s signature interior trim.

    • It’s a beautiful day.

      Sunny days were made for driving and the Karma takes advantage of every ray. Introducing the world’s largest seamless glass solar roof. A stunning feat of design and engineering that can generate enough energy to power audio and cabin ventilation systems as well as extend your range by up to 200 miles a year.

    • Patience is brilliant.

      Not content to settle for any old paint, we invented our own. Diamond Dust™ is a water-based paint made of 35-55% crushed, reclaimed glass flakes coated in silver. It took over two years to convince our manufacturers that it could be done in a sustainable way. And it was worth the wait—the process used to make and apply Diamond Dust doesn’t release one single VOC into the atmosphere.

    • We refused to give an inch.

      When Henrik Fisker designed the Karma it was with 22-inch wheels in mind. Not an inch less. So we worked closely with Goodyear® to develop tires specifically for the Karma that would not only fit, but look great and perform better. They also happen to have the closest fender-to-tire clearance in the industry. What can we say? We like to push the limits. Of everything.

    • Electric Vehicle with
      extended range.

      Range anxiety, meet range freedom. Introducing the world’s first luxury Electric Vehicle with extended range, allowing you to drive as far and as long as you desire.

      Pure electric. Plug in then drive. The Karma will operate in pure electric Stealth mode for up to 50 miles (80 km) powered by its lithium ion batteries and dual-electric motors. No gas. No emissions. No more range anxiety.

      Extended range. There is no cause for alarm, let alone any action when the batteries become depleted. Automatically, the Karma’s gasoline engine engages to extend your range up to an additional 250 miles by providing a boost to the battery system. Not to mention a boost to performance.

    • We’ve seen the future.
      And it has far less buttons.

      The Karma’s 10.2-inch touch-screen command center intuitively controls virtually everything: climate control, audio system, navigation, iPod® control, Bluetooth® phone compatibility, even the seat warmers. Leaving the dashboard free to simply exist.

    • Reuse.

      At Fisker, we believe all energy is potential energy. And has the potential to make you go faster and further. Take the regenerative braking system of the Karma. When you slow down or stop, it recovers your kinetic energy and feeds it back into the batteries, thus increasing your range. If you prefer, vary the degree of regenerative braking by tapping the Hill mode paddle.

    • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow the cord. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      That’s it.

      Step one: Plug the onboard convenience charger into a common household outlet. There is no step two. In just 6 to 14 hours* the Karma is fully charged and ready to go. Cut that time in half with the optional 220-volt wall charger, full charge in just six hours.

      *Charge time varies depending on the battery’s remaining charge capacity and the type of current used (110v, 220v or 240v).
    • A powerful contradiction.

      403 horsepower to the rear wheels. A staggering 959 ft-lbs of torque. Zero–60 mph in only 6.3 seconds. All while achieving an impressively high EPA rating of 54 MPGe* and an equally impressive low CO2 emission of 188g/mile. Is there something wrong here? Or is everything finally right?

      *2012 EPA combined estimated miles gasoline gallon equivalent. Actual results will vary according to driving conditions, driving style and vehicle maintenance.
    • Stealth mode.

      Experience the sound and serenity of silence. In Stealth mode, you are all-electric. No gas, whatsoever. Emissions are at zero, as well as gas stops. Drive in stealth for up to 50 miles (80 km)*, which will quietly and confidently take you beyond the average commute length of 35 miles.

      Sport mode.

      Switch to Sport mode and engage the beast within. The dual-electric motors crank out their full potential of 403 hp, thanks to the additional boost provided by a highly efficient, turbo-charged engine. Driving range is extended up to 250 miles (400 km).

      Tap the paddle
      *Exact mileage depends on driving conditions.
    • Taking advantage
      of a disadvantage.

      Batteries have both weight and mass, which can have adverse effects on how a car handles. The Karma turns this negative into a positive by placing its battery pack low and centered throughout the car. The result: better balance, lower center of gravity and improved overall performance.

      Lithium ion with a race pedigree.

      The strategic and unique placement of the Karma’s 315-cell lithium-ion battery contributes greatly to its overall handling ability. Add in lightweight, race-tuned, independent suspension and you’ve got the makings for performance never before experienced in a luxury electric car.

    • The only thing
      that can stop
      our progress.

      Look between the spokes of the greatest sports cars in the world and you’ll notice one thing they all have in common: Brembo® brakes, the unspoken heroes of motorsport, delivering the stopping power necessary to bring these powerful machines to a safe, efficient and immediate halt.

    • The Space Frame: A multi-tiered approach to your safety.
      A lightweight, aluminum Space Frame creates an almost impenetrable cage around both passengers and internal components, such as the battery pack. This allows the Karma to exceed global crash-protection standards. In addition, its strength and rigidity directly contribute to overall handling capabilities, thus empowering the driver to avoid accidents in the first place.

      8 airbags: Safety in numbers. Front-seat passengers are protected by a dual advanced restraint system, which includes knee airbags. Side-seat airbags and full-length side curtains provide a cocoon-like effect for additional protection. If an impact should occur, the Karma automatically shuts down high-voltage batteries and fuel systems, unlocks doors and turns on hazard lights.

      Braking: The first line of defense. We believe the safest way to survive an accident is to avoid one. And that begins with massive stopping power, courtesy of Brembo® brakes: an antilock system that provides Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control and Panic Brake Assist, all working together to keep you and the Karma out of harm’s way.

      Preserving a delicate ecosystem.

      Doing our part to protect the earth and all its occupants, by designing cars with the ability to avoid, survive and drive away from potential danger.

    • Build your Karma.

    • EVer™ (Electric Vehicle extended range) Powertrain EcoSport EcoChic
      Type EVer - Electric Vehicle extended range
      Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) dual-electric traction motors
      Electric Motors Torque 959ft-lbs/1300Nm (2 x 479ft-lbs/650Nm)
      Battery Type Mid-mounted lithium-ion battery pack with Nanophosphate™ technology
      Battery Capacity 20.1kWh
      Battery Voltage 336V Nominal
      Charger 3.3kWh on-board charger with 120V and 240V capability
      Range-Extending Engine 2.0L turbocharged direct injection 4-cyl gasoline engine
      Transmission Single-ratio with limited slip differential
      Final Drive Ratio 4:1
      Solar Roof Full Length Solar Roof for extended range
    • EPA Fuel Economy EcoSport EcoChic
      Driving Range (Electric) Up to 50 miles/80 kilometers
      Driving Range (Total) Up to 300 miles/483 kilometers
      Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment 120V Convenience Cord - Standard 240V Wall Unit & Cord (Optional)
      Fuel Tank 9.0/35.7 (US gal/L)
    • Performance EcoSport EcoChic
      Top Speed (Limited) 125mph/200kph
      Acceleration 0-60 mph 6.3 sec (Sport Mode)
      Horsepower 403 hp
      Torque 959 ft-lbs
      Drag Coefficient 0.313 Cd
      Body Torsional Stiffness 34,000 Nm/degree
      Type 4-wheel disc brakes with electro-hydraulic boost
      Front Brembo® 370x34mm 2-piece rotors w/6-piston calipers
      Rear Brembo® 365x28mm single piece rotors w/4-piston calipers
      Regenerative Blended regenerative braking system with Hill Mode for increased efficiency
      Parking Electrically actuated rear parking brake
    • Key Safety Features EcoSport EcoChic
      Total Airbags 8 total airbags: two-stage driver/passenger airbags with separate knee airbags. Full length side curtain and seat side airbags
      Construction Proprietary aluminum frame with front and rear crush zones and side impact protection
      Brakes Antilock Brake System (ABS) w/Panic Brake Assist
      Dynamic Safety Electronic Stability Control (ESC) w/Traction Control System (TCS)
      Child Seating Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) in passenger and rear seats
      Battery Automatic battery disconnect
      Awareness Signature Fisker external sound
    • Interior Experience EcoSport EcoChic
      Fisker Command Center™ 10.2” multifunction haptic touch screen
      Standard Audio System 100 watts, 6 speakers, 4 channels (available in EcoStandard only)    
      Premium Audio System 295 watts, 8 speakers including subwoofer, 6 channels
      Audio Inputs AM, FM, MP3, USB, and AUX audio inputs. SiriusXM® Radio Ready (North America)
      Communications Bluetooth® handsfree phone compatibility
      Climate Control Dual-zone automatic air conditioning with heated front and rear seats
      Seating 6-way power front seats with lumbar adjustment and memory
      Lighting Bi-Xenon headlamps with LED interior lighting
      Mirrors Auto-dimming rear and side-view mirrors
      Controls Steering wheel-mounted audio and phone controls
      Accessibility Keyless ignition with push-button start. HomeLink® (North America)
      Navigation Voice activated, handsfree with turn-by-turn directions*
      Rear View Camera Trunk lid-mounted standard rear view camera*
      Leather Interior Low pigmentation, high yield*
      EcoSuede Interior 100% post-industrial textile*
      *Features not available in EcoStandard
    • Suspension EcoSport EcoChic
      Suspension Type 4-wheel independent suspension with Short-Long Arm (SLA) architecture
      Front Monotube coil-over with aluminum control arms and stabilizer bar
      Rear Load leveling coil-over with aluminum control arms and stabilizer bar
      Ground Clearance 5.6/142 (in/mm)
      Steering Type Rack and pinion with variable speed, electro-hydraulic power assist
      Steering Ratio Variable 14.5:1 to 16.1:1
      Steering Turns Lock-to-Lock 2.7 turns
      Turning Circle Curb-to-Curb 40.4/12.3 (ft/m)
      Turning Circle Wall-to-Wall 41.1/12.5 (ft/m)
    • Wheels & Tires EcoSport EcoChic
      Front 22x8.5” Circuit Blade™ aluminum wheels w/255/35WR22 tires
      Rear 22x9.5” Circuit Blade™ aluminum wheels w/285/35WR22 tires
      Winter Option 21x8.5” with 245/40 VR 21 (front) and 21x9.0” w/265/40 VR 21 (rear) winter wheels and tires
    • Exterior Dimensions EcoSport EcoChic
      124.4/3160 (in/mm)
      Overall Length
      196.8/4998 (in/mm)
      Overall Width (mirrors included) 84.0/2133 (in/mm)
      Overall Height 52.4/1330 (in/mm)
      Front Track 66.6/1692 (in/mm)
      Rear Track 67.0/1701 (in/mm)
      Front Overhang 35.9/913 (in/mm)
      Rear Overhang 36.4/925 (in/mm)
      Curb Weight 5300/2404 (lbs/Kg)
      Weight Distribution 47/53 (F/R %)
    • Interior Dimensions EcoSport EcoChic
      Seating Capacity 4
      Headroom, Front 38.3/973 (in/mm)
      Headroom, Rear 35.7/908 (in/mm)
      Legroom, Front 42.6/1083 (in/mm)
      Legroom, Rear 31.4/798 (in/mm)
      EPA Passenger Volume, Front 53.8/1524 (ft3/liters)
      EPA Passenger Volume, Rear 35.0/991 (ft3/liters)
      Luggage Compartment Volume 6.9/195 (ft3/liters)
      EPA Passenger Car Volume 95.7/2710 (ft3/liters)
    • Look, don’t print.

      In keeping with our sustainable philosophy, our brochures are all available in digital format only. Please click the link below to view the 2012 Karma brochure.

      2012 Karma brochure

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